Hello Everyone,

We have an interesting week ahead, with opportunities for growth, changing/releasing old habits and recharging after all of the intense energy of last week.  The big event of the week sees Mars turning retrograde on Sunday.  This begins a 2-month period of creating positive changes in the areas of leadership, assertiveness and sexuality, but only if you choose to change and take action.  With that, let’s see what we can expect this week:

mars retrograde

Monday April 11th we begin this week with a day of gentle, flowing energy.  It’s a good idea to work on existing projects and goals rather than new ones.  Go with the flow as much as possible today and save the action for upcoming high-energy days.


Tuesday April 12th is a high-energy day when the intuition will be stronger than usual, creativity will be flowing and there will be lots of energy supporting any work with the Law of Attraction or any other method of manifesting your goals.  Ideally, start the day with meditation (even if it’s only a few minutes!) so that you are better able to receive guidance and intuitive “flashes” throughout the day.  For working on manifesting your goals, take time to sit quietly, breathe deeply and evenly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms.  As you do this, try to use as many of the senses as possible while you truly feel and intend that each goal is now completed.  If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, it’s a great day to work on your Reiki affirmations.


Wednesday April 13th we have a rather “quiet” day mid-week.  It’s a good day to work on current projects and goals, or even just take it easy and not push yourself too hard.  You may also like taking time to rest and recharge in preparation for the active days we have coming up.


Thursday April 14th is a high-energy day with the emphasis on working towards the higher good of others as well as thinking “outside the box”.  Take time to consider how your current actions affect those around you and how you can create or adjust projects so that they benefit everyone involved.  If you need to work on strategies or problem-solving, today is a very good day to do so as expanded and creative thinking are strongly supported.


Friday April 15th is all about using the current energy to change your way of thinking.  Old habits and patterns are often difficult to change if there is little personal/environmental energy.  We require energy in order to shift these old habits, so today’s energy can give you the boost you may need.   Reflect upon where you are “stuck” in your thinking, attitudes and ideas.  These are relatively easy to identify by noticing areas of your life that are not flowing smoothly.  Whether it’s relationships, career, personal well-being, finances etc., consider whether or not you are applying your old thought-patterns (expectations, methods, conclusions, ideas etc.) to the problematic area(s).  You may think that your way of thinking is the correct way, but if certain areas of life aren’t going well (repeating issues, long-term problems, blockages), this is evidence that it’s time to change.  Take control of the situation, be empowered and let go of attitudes that no longer serve you!


Saturday April 16th the energy will be light and flowing.  You could use the energy to recharge yourself by enjoying outdoor activities, taking time for an energy practise (Reiki, Tai-Chi, yoga etc.) or just treating yourself to a relaxing day.  Or perhaps you may want to take some time to do further work on any issues that may have come up yesterday.  Whatever you choose to do today, take a light approach.


Sunday April 17th we end the week with strong energy as Mars turns retrograde until June 29th.   Mars turns retrograde once every two years and this presents us the opportunity to work on areas that are said to be “ruled” by this planet:  leadership, assertiveness and sexuality.  With this in mind, the time of Mars retrograde is a good time to reflect upon these areas and ask yourself the following questions:  are you being an effective leader?  Are you expressing yourself with a calm strength or with aggression?  Can you lead as well as listen?  Are the expressions of your creative and personal energy positive and empowering to yourself and others?  Use the answers to these questions to make clear and positive changes, especially within the next two months.


Wishing all of you a week of positive change and growth.

Many blessings,