Treatments by Distance

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When people hear about distant healing, the most common reaction is disbelief. This is understandable, as the logical mind concludes that healing can only happen when the healer is physically present with the client. However, there is much evidence (both anecdotal and scientific) of energy affecting at a distance.
Chantal has been practising distance healing since 1994 and teaching distance healing techniques since 1997, and has observed that the results of distance treatments are the same as “in person” treatments. She has conducted numerous experiments whereby the persons receiving the distant treatments weren’t informed about it, yet each of them experienced clear and positive results. She also conducted these experiments with animals, again with positive results.

A distant healing session with Chantal starts with her calling the client before the treatment begins (although this isn’t possible in some cases, the treatments will still be successful), to ensure that they will be either lying down or sitting comfortably. After this, she begins the session, which takes the same amount of time as an “in person” session (approximately one hour, sometimes longer). When the session is finished, Chantal calls the client again to give a full assessment of their state of health and to give advice (where appropriate) on steps the client can take in improving their health and well-being.

Just as the results of a distance and “in person” session are the same, so Chantal is able to have the same sensitivity and clear information about a client’s state of health, whether by distance or “in person”.

Chantal has distance healing clients in Hong Kong and around the world. The reasons for them requesting distant healing are mixed: clients who don’t live in Hong Kong would still like treatments from Chantal, other clients request distant healing for their friends or family members, some clients in Hong Kong prefer the convenience of having distant healing sessions, others request this type of session in the case of treating an animal or person who doesn’t want to be touched, some people are just curious and want to try out a distance treatment etc.
Whatever your reason, a distant healing session is an effective alternative to having a treatment “in person”.
In the case of distant treatments, payment can be made securely through PayPal.