Energy Forecast for the Year of the Sheep

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Energy Forecast for the Year of the Sheep (or Year of the Goat, as some refer to it).  Here I will be discussing what we can expect during this Sheep year, plus information on what Western Astrology and Numerology has to say about it.  It’s quite interesting to note the parallels here! Please bear in mind that this is a general forecast for everyone, but if you would like exact information relating to your Chinese astrological sign, it’s a good idea to consult a practitioner of Chinese astrology (or you can check out the information to be found in books and online).  Feel free to share this article as well as your thoughts about it.  Enjoy!


The element associated with this particular Year of the Sheep is “wood”, and as this year is the last of the Fire cycle after Horse, we have a potent mix of Fire, Wood and Earth.  The colour associated with the Wood element is green, so this is considered to be a “lucky” colour this year.  As Sheep is the 8th animal in the order of the Chinese Zodiac (and “8” is considered to be a very lucky number), this year is also considered to have great potential for luck and prosperity.  In terms of which animals of the Chinese Zodiac will benefit the most this year, it’s going to be very lucky for those born in the years of the Sheep, Rabbit and Pig but it should be a fairly good year overall for the other animal signs, too.

It is said that if you have been working hard over the past two years, this is the year when you see the results of your labours.  If you have been experiencing difficulties for the past couple of years, then this year you should see your fortune change for the better.  This year of the Sheep is a “Yin” (or female) year, so this energy supports the creation of “something from nothing”.  In order to achieve your goals and great success, it is important to find a new approach in how you do things and be prepared for slow (yet steady) growth.  Be patient and don’t rush into things, the element of Wood supports the careful analysis of situations followed by practical solutions.

Sheep is a herd, or group, animal.  This tells us that teamwork will be very important this year in order to achieve success physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and make sure that you also offer your help to others.  Get together with others regularly and spend more time enjoying yourself with others, too!

The energy in the Spring (end of March) can be challenging to many as we will be pushed to let go of old patterns and move forward in fresh, new ways.  Remember the importance of releasing that which no longer serves your higher purpose, be it habits, relationships, patterns etc.  Letting go of these things allows new and positive energy to flood into our lives!  Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the emotions of fear or anger as this energy is heavy, negative and creates stagnation.  Instead, allow yourself to experience transformation by expressing gratitude daily, practising forgiveness, taking responsibility for your situation and actions as well as maintaining your honesty and integrity.

By the time summer rolls around in June, the energy will be lighter and brighter, supporting optimism, enjoyment, creativity and innovation.  Just remember to stay grounded and don’t get too carried away!  If you find that it’s been all work, take time to relax and do more of what you enjoy.

In the autumn it’s quite likely that political and religious conflicts can become worse, but remember that Sheep is calm and supports group efforts.  Rather than focusing on the differences between others, focus on what you have in common.  In order to overcome conflicts, focus on rational thinking, “one-ness”, and working together as a group/community.  You may also find that at this time you are being pushed to resolve relationship issues, specifically “toxic” relationships.  By taking positive action and ending these relationships (or ending/healing the negative patterns), you’ll find new and positive relationship energy coming into your life.

Remember that those who are true will stand by your side.  Be strong and focus on work and service to others, which will further increase the positive energy in your life.

As we near the end of the year, the energy should start to feel much more settled, allowing everyone to feel more secure.  By now, you should be reaping the rewards of your patience, planning and hard work.  It is said that there will be a major shift in energy in January 2016, so get ready for something new and wonderful!


Western Astrology

In Western Astrology, the sign of Cancer is associated with the Year of the Sheep.  Cancer is governed by the Water element, so this energy is feminine (Yin), gentle and emphasises the intuition and the emotions.  Notice that this also “agrees” with the Yin properties of the Sheep year.

In Astrology, it’s agreed that for the past few years we have been pushed towards change, revolution and transformation.  In 2015 this rapid change continues, but the main message is this:  “Great lessons bring great rewards”.   These lessons are said to be due to the strong influence of Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline, realism and lessons (sometimes harsh ones!).   These lessons are necessary in order for us to learn, let go of the “old”, grow, and transform.  If you find that you are experiencing great challenges in any area of your life this year, it’s time to step back and reassess the situation:  it’s time for a new approach, the creation of new strategies and using self-discipline in order to reach your goals.  This influence of Saturn can even cause us to feel hopeless at times.  In these situations, remember that “it’s always darkest before the dawn”.   Again, use your self-discipline:  stay focused, stay grounded, change your approach and keep the energy moving!

Saturn is also about reforms, so we can expect traditional institutions to be challenged in this way:  governments, religious institutions, education, business, family etc. will face situations that will force them to change…or collapse.  Remember that “what we resist persists”.  If these institutions are unwilling to change and reform, their difficulties will only worsen.  This also applies to each of us!  There are big lessons to be learned on every level.

However, it’s not all bad.  There is also some great energy coming up!  The influence of Jupiter brings some great potential for “luck”, creativity, health and wellness, enjoyment with those around us and greater emphasis on service to others.  It pushes us to look around and ask ourselves where we can make a difference, both for ourselves and for others.  Jupiter has an expansive energy, making us feel like anything is possible.  Again, stay focused (don’t get carried away by the energy!), make strategies, don’t be scared to take risks, really go for it and you will reap the rewards.


According to Numerology, the year 2015 is an “8 Universal Year” (2+0+1+5= 8).   It’s interesting that this is also an “8” year according to Chinese astrology.  The number 8 is associated with balance, wealth and power.  It’s also said that “8” is reveals much to us about truth and knowledge.  However, you’ll notice that the strongest theme this year will be in the area of “balance”, especially in the areas of wealth, power and justice.

Imbalances that exist between the rich and poor, between genders, in religion (extremists vs moderates), the powerful and powerless… the energy this year will push for a redress of these.  Although the economy can be the most affected area during an “8” year, expect big shifts in all of these areas:  civil unrest in areas where the government is clinging to old structures of power and control, ups and downs in financial markets, large protests demanding fair treatment etc.  We have already seen this happening in 2014, and although the idea of this continuing seems very troubling, the long-term results are positive.  Re-establishing a state of balance is often not an easy thing, but in the end we will see a maturing of humanity, transformation and growth.

It should also be noted here that Saturn is the planet associated with the “8” vibration, the planet mentioned earlier that will have a huge influence on the energy of 2015. We will be pushed to take responsibility for our actions and break through illusions (both about ourselves and the world around us) so that balance can be achieved.

Also bear in mind that an “8” vibration is also about strength, endurance, the cycle of life and cause and effect.  We do have the strength to keep going, to keep learning and to emerge on the other side as better people.  Furthermore, if you are in a state of balance, you can make great things happen this year for yourself in the areas of wealth and personal power…and share these benefits with others!


In summary, we can see a common thread running through all of these forecasts:  we can expect 2015 to be a year of Yin energy, challenges and change… but with the potential for wonderful results as long as you stay balanced and focused.  All of the efforts that you have been making over the past couple of years in building for your future and achieving your goals will start paying off this year, so it can be a very exciting time!  Remember to maintain your inner balance through daily practises such as Reiki, yoga, tai chi etc. (use your self-discipline!) in order to make the most of the energy and to see you through times of ups and downs.  Take time to connect with the Earth, spend time in nature, exercise, meditate and practise your energy work… and see how wonderful you can make 2015!

Wishing all of you a fantastic year of growth, abundance, fulfilment and abundance.

Many blessings,