Healing sessions


Some people think of a treatment (healing session) as a “last resort”, something to be tried when all
other treatments have failed. Others recognise that energy treatments are an effective method of
attaining and maintaining optimum health and well-being, while there are also those who are simply
curious and would like to experience energy-healing for themselves. Whatever your reason, a healing
session brings about improvement in all areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Healing sessions do not interfere with any other method of treatment, whether conventional or
alternative. In fact, they are a superb enhancing/support method for other forms of medical or
complementary therapies. During the course of a session (which is conducted with the client lying down
or seated, fully clothed), Chantal primarily uses Reiki but also combines this with other energy-healing
techniques in order to achieve the most effective results. Be assured that the treatments are result-
orientated, and we only enter the realms of the spiritual if the client wishes to do so.

Since 1994, Chantal has been treating a very broad range of physical, mental and emotional issues,
imbalances and ailments. These healing sessions are usually conducted at Chantal’s healing space in
Peng Chau, just 25 minutes from Central. Home or hospital visits can also be arranged, if required. A
session typically lasts an average of 1.5 hours, and after a treatment every client is given a full and clear
assessment of their state of health (physical, mental, emotional and energetic). Chantal also gives
advice as to how the client can improve their health and well-being themselves.

For appointments and enquiries, please use the form below or call (+852) 9501 0478.