There are various other areas of interest to those seeking healing, readings, or wanting to learn more about the various methods and systems used by healers and readers. Here is some general information of some of those topics…


We believe each of us possesses the capability of a sixth sense. The trick, however, is how to strengthen that sixth sense. There are tonnes of books out there talking about ‘opening the third eye’, learning to ‘see auras’, visualisations etc…which is very helpful to many, but isn’t much help at all to those who feel clearly rather than seeing. Most people are not aware that there different forms of heightened sensitivity, besides clairvoyance. However, most people are more interested in ‘seeing’, in general! Everyone wants to ‘see’. ‘Seeing is believing’. But what if your strength isn’t in the ‘seeing’ department?

Chantal says: “I recall the time when I first stumbled upon the New Age movement and began attending guided group-meditations. When the meditations ended, it would be ‘sharing time’. Everyone who spoke talked of all the colours they had seen, or visions they had had. When it got to be my turn, I spoke my truth: “No, I hadn’t seen a single thing…but I had felt very clearly…” and silently felt like a ‘spiritual reject’ (!) for not seeing the nice colours and pictures. It was only later that I discovered that there are three types of extra sense.”

These three types are:

  • Clairvoyance – this literally means ‘clear vision/seeing’
  • Clairsentience – ‘clear feeling/sense’
  • Clairaudience: – ‘clear sound/hearing’

So, one needs to identify his/her strength, and then go on to hone that skill. For example, if you are the kind of person who frequently gets ‘a feeling’ about something or goes by ‘gut instinct’, then you are definitely in the clairsentient department. A way to develop this skill would be to act on your ‘feelings’, and keep a record of accuracy. Your ‘6th sense’ is like a muscle in that the more your exercise it, the more powerful it becomes.”

If you are especially good at visualising, have a vivid imagination, and are receptive, then your strength would be clairvoyance. It would, therefore, be beneficial for you to develop this by practising seeing auras around people, animals, plants and even crystals. As your skill develops, you may also find that you receive actual ‘visions’ or ‘flashes’. Make note of these in a journal, which will also assist you in your development as well as being a useful record for future reference.

Clairaudience tends to be the least common of these extra-sensory perceptions to occur by itself. However, it is more common to have clairaudient experiences when one’s clairvoyant/clairsentient abilities are more highly-developed. Clairaudience is not to be confused with ‘hearing voices’ in a schizophrenic sense. True clairaudient experiences include hearing clear intuitive information (rather than feeling or seeing it), and even hearing ‘angelic’ music/vocals. It always manifests in a positive way, never in a negative/controlling way.

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