More about Reiki II

Reiki II is a more advanced application of the Reiki energy, concentrating more on the subtle, or etheric body, rather than the physical. During the Reiki II course, students are initiated into the three sacred symbols of the degree, which increases the power of the energy as well as allowing the practitioner to project the Reiki energy at a distance, effecting a powerful form of absent healing.

Three sacred what?

Sacred symbols. Sacred in the ‘highly respected’ sense, and not the religious sense (remember, Reiki is neither religion nor a cult!). And as far-fetched or downright bizarre as it may seem to some people, these symbols are what Reiki II is pretty much all about. Incredibly, these symbols work. Every time. In Chantal’s words:

“When I learned Reiki II and the Reiki Master began talking about symbols, it was the first time that I ever heard of the use of healing symbols. To be honest, I was very sceptical, but figured that I may as well complete the workshop because I was bound to learn something useful along the way. Though everyone else in the workshop obediently accepted all that was taught, I needed proof! Through much personal experimentation, and the experiences of clients and students, the symbols have been shown (much to my continuing wonder) to be effective each time.”

Each of the three symbols has a purpose. The first is used to maximise the power of the Reiki, the second has mental and emotional healing applications, and the third symbol is used to enable one to send Reiki by distance.

Sending Reiki by Distance

Reiki energy can be sent to anyone/anyplace/anything at any time. This can be better explained as “where thought goes, energy flows”. Think of the Distance Symbol as an international telephone dialling code; once the symbol is drawn and the intent stated, the recipient immediately receives the Reiki. The principles of this “action at a distance” can be found within the theories of Quantum Physics.

But actions always speak louder than words. Just one experience of a distant Reiki treatment will convince anyone of its effectiveness!