More about Reiki

Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is a Japanese word which literally means “the energy coming from the highest source”, though it is commonly translated as meaning “universal energy”. It is an entirely natural, safe and holistic form of hands-on healing. Reiki energy treats the cause of disease/disharmony, thereby bringing about deep healing. It is a very simple, yet powerful, healing technique that is easily given and received by anyone, and can never harm. In fact, it complements all other forms of treatment, both conventional and alternative.

What is Reiki…?

Reiki is a simple, yet effective, form of natural healing which was discovered by Mikao Usui more than 100 years ago in Japan. It is commonly taught that this system of healing is an ancient one that was first used by Tibetan Buddhist monks. However, Mikao Usui himself said this of Reiki: “My Usui Reiki Ryoho (healing art) is original, never before explored, and incomparable in the world.” Though there are many forms of energy healing in existence, there is only one Reiki.

It is not a religion or belief system, and belief in the Reiki energy itself is not necessary in order for healing to take place (this is evident in the positive way that animals and plants respond to healing treatments). All that is needed is the desire to be healed. You don’t have to believe in Reiki for it to have a deep effect on you. You don’t have to believe that fruit is delicious in order to enjoy it. But you’ll have to take a bite first!

What conditions can be treated using Reiki?

Because Reiki heals simultaneously on a physical, mental and emotional level, its applications are limitless. All types of ailments including chronic illness, pain, sports injuries, stress, allergies, depression, anxiety, low immunity, arthritis etc., and even some cases of terminal illness, can be treated using Reiki.

Receiving Reiki after any type of surgery (major or minor) will speed up the recovery process, sometimes by as much as 50%, as well as repairing severed energy meridians. However, one needn’t be ailing in order to receive the full benefits of a Reiki treatment. Many people enjoy a regular bi-monthly or monthly treatment to maintain higher energy levels, a stronger immune system, reduced stress, improved sleep, and to provide an overall sense of well being.

Who can receive Reiki?

Reiki is available to be given and received by anyone. Reiki never harms, and has a beneficial effect on most, if not all, causes of disease as well as their symptoms. Personal experience, as well as the experiences of other Reiki Masters and Practitioners, has shown Reiki to be safe and beneficial for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly (and from Chantal’s own personal experience this even includes infants in the womb). Reiki does not interfere with any other form of treatment that a client may be undergoing. It’s quite the opposite, in that it complements all other forms of alternative and conventional treatment. It is also effective in preventing and/or treating the damaging side effects of certain conventional medical treatments.

Reiki is especially good for pregnant women and has a relaxing and reassuring effect on the unborn child. It also provides the expectant mother with extra amounts of much-needed energy, as well as providing relief from common strains that are often experienced during pregnancy, such as backache, headache, sore or tired limbs, emotional ups and downs etc…

As a person receiving a Reiki treatment remains fully clothed, Reiki is a good choice for those who shy away from many forms of “bodywork” for personal or religious reasons.

How does one practise Reiki?

After one has become attuned to the Reiki source through attending a Reiki I workshop, actually using Reiki couldn’t be simpler. All one needs to do is place both hands on the recipient (be it a person, animal, plant etc.), and the Reiki automatically flows. Remove both hands, and the Reiki stops flowing. No special work or effort is required; this is why it is a method of healing that even children can effectively practise. Of course, the more that Reiki is used, the more powerful the flow of energy will become, but one needn’t worry about ever losing the ability to practise Reiki.