On Monday March 20th, we experience the Spring Equinox. In astrological terms, the Spring Equinox is one of the four most powerful points of the year along with the Autumn Equinox, Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice, and is the time of rebirth and beginning anew. This is seen as a powerful time of new beginnings, so you can mark this date in the following ways:

Honour the fire element (fire is purifying, as well as signifying change and transformation). Burn something that represents what you wish to release from the past few months or weeks, or perhaps something from your childhood or from your youth that represents very powerfully an identity of yours that is passed. This would also be a great time to identify something you are still attached to and then either symbolically or actually burn it. As you burn this/these items, give thanks for the lessons you have learned, for the person you have become… and joyfully release the old.

Look to this Spring Equinox as an opportunity to experience a time of intense power, strength and beauty. Much learning, shifting, healing and re-birthing can take place. If we are aware of this opportunity and create the sacred space and allow time to clearly receive, we can experience a general “re-booting” of our entire energetic systems!

Let the energy support you in starting something new, whether a new habit, relationship, project, or exploring something you’ve always wanted to do.

If you would like to focus your attention on the process of healing and releasing old hurts, emotional traumas etc., which is also empowered during this Equinox time, you can also try the following self-healing technique that I have adapted from an Advanced Reiki Training method, so anyone can practise it:

1. Sit quietly and comfortably, breathing deeply and evenly as you prepare to contemplate each old or unresolved issue. You may want to work on one issue per “session” or multiple ones.

2. As you contemplate the issue, pay attention to any part(s) of the body that comes to mind.

3. Bring your attention to this area and imagine it filled with a dark fog (you may see a colour clearly, so work with that. Otherwise, imagine a dark grey fog). This “fog” is representative of the negative or stagnant energy resulting from the unresolved issue.

4. Now breathe in deeply and imagine a brilliant white mist entering your body through the top of your head and travelling to the part of the body that is filled with the grey fog.

5. As you exhale, imagine the grey fog leaving your body (you may choose to imagine breathing this out through the mouth, or intending/visualising that the grey fog is being released directly from the affected area.

6. Continue breathing in the white mist and breathing out the dark fog until you can no longer perceive/feel/imagine it (which indicates a clearing of the area).

7. Spend at least a few minutes filling the entire area with brilliant, white, light mist.

8. Acknowledge the lessons learned from the issue and give thanks.

During this exercise, I recommend placing the hands over the area that you are working on. Everyone has “chi” flowing from the hands, so this assists the healing process. If you are a Reiki (or other energy healing) practitioner, you will find that the energy flowing from the hands greatly assists this exercise.

Whatever you choose to do to make the most of this special day, I wish you a wonderful day of great energy and new beginnings!

Many blessings,