There are various opinions in the spiritual world as to why the Summer Solstice is so energetically significant. However, all agree that the 21st and 22nd present us with a unique opportunity to make a ‘jump’ in consciousness. Of course, many cultures since ancient times have placed significance on the Solstices, so let’s take a look at what we can do to make the most of this energy.

summer solstice

Some speak about the Solstice being an opportunity to anchor universal New Light Codes in our Cosmic Hearts and the Cosmic Heart of the Planet. Others in the spiritual world talk about the Summer Solstice as a time when we are especially receptive to raising our energetic vibrations. In order to do this, one must consciously work with the energies on the 21st and 22nd through meditation, visualisation, intention, and/or energy work (Reiki etc.). Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to practise outdoors! You can do this alone, or with a group (you may enjoy celebrating the Solstice with friends!).

Begin by sitting quietly, breathing deeply and evenly, feeling yourself relax with every breath (for energy-workers, place the hands over the heart chakra, on the abdomen). For this meditation, your intention is important, so be clear about what it is you would like to do. State your intention clearly in your head. Examples could be: “I now open myself to receive the energies of the Solstice”, or “I now open myself to receive the energies that raise my energetic vibration”etc., or whatever feels right for you!

After stating your intention, imagine that with every in-breath, a white light enters the top of your head (your Crown chakra), and travels down to your Heart chakra (in the centre of your chest). When you exhale, simply allow the breath to leave your body. Remember, this white light is the energy that you called in with your intent. Continue to breathe in the white light to your Heart chakra, seeing it glowing and growing with a brilliant light. When you feel that your Heart chakra is completely filled with this white light, intend/visualise that with every in-breath you continue to breath the white light into your Heart, and with every out-breath, your Heart chakra expands… this ball of white light continues to grow, encompassing your entire body…. continue to breath in, and then expand this light. You can enjoy this state of being, or, if you like, you can expand this light further… to encompass all around you.

Remain in this state for as long you like… but take your time with this one, it’s very special!

If you would like to combine mental exercises along with spiritual/energetic exercises, you can use the time of the Solstice to re-assess your life. Look at what you have achieved since the beginning of the year, what direction your life has taken over the past six months, and what actions you can take to create the life that you would like to be living. The ‘old way’ of doing things just doesn’t work any more, and in order to be in harmony, we should ask ourselves the following questions:

How am I living my life right now?
Who do I love now?
Am I faithful and devoted to each person I’m connected to?
Am I ready, at a moment’s notice, to give help to those who need assistance from me?
Do I trust the ‘grand plan’ that is unfolding, no matter what may happen in all areas of my life?

During these times of accelerating energy and awareness, we either take action, or stagnate. Remember that chaos is always part of new creation, so when it’s time to change, sometimes we just need to take a deep breath… trust… and go for it! The changing/re-organisation of energy fields creates incredibly unexpected new things in your life. So embrace the changes, go with it, consciously let go of the “old”.
At this time, I strongly advise you to review all of the spiritual tools that you’ve already gathered, feel solid in your spiritual practises, and USE these tools! Remember to sit in meditation and accept this joyful energy…. and enjoy!!!