Hello Everyone,

The energy continues to be active this week, although not as strong as it has been recently. The highlights of the week include a day of Master Energy on Monday, and the Full Moon in Libra coming up on Friday. Remember that when the available energy is supporting us in taking action, we need to stay grounded and focused in order to make the most of it. You can avoid the pitfalls of feeling agitated or aimless this week by having clear goals, even a simple “To do” list, as this provides a means of focusing on the task(s) at hand. With that, let’s take a detailed look at the energy coming up this week and how to get the most out of it:

Monday April 15th the week begins with a day of high-energy. According to numerology, this day has special energetic significance because the numbers of today’s date add up to the “Master Number” of 22 (1+5+4+2+0+1+9 =22). “22” is known as the “Master Builder”, so today is ideal for starting new projects and furthering work on existing projects and goals (building your future). This is a day to take action, so make the most of it! It’s also a great day to work on manifesting your goals, so ensure that you set aside some time to sit quietly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms. To make this exercise more effective, try to use as many of your senses as possible (feel, smell, hear… and most of all, intend) when you visualise, and truly intend that each goal is now accomplished. If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, it’s an especially powerful day to work on your Reiki affirmations.

In addition to this “Master Energy”, today there is also excellent support for communication, inspired ideas and problem-solving.



Tuesday April 16th there will be plenty of energy available for supporting us in taking action in achieving goals through better organisational skills, having clear objectives and strategies, being responsible and reliable, and staying focused. This focus is important, because if it isn’t actively used, this energy can cause one to waste the energy through day-dreaming or other distractions. If it’s difficult to stay focused, try something simple such as writing your goals and tasks down and posting them where you can easily see them (in multiple locations, too). You can also set reminders on your phone, and whenever the alert sounds, this reminds you to notice what you are doing at that exact moment (actively using the energy in a fruitful way, or daydreaming etc.). And remember to stay grounded!



Wednesday April 17th communication continues to get good support, with lots of potential for inspirational ideas and constructive discussions. However, make sure that your listening skills are also being used so that you can avoid arguments. Speak with clarity, but also with consideration for the people you are speaking to. Respect other points of view and be open to learning as well as sharing information. Avoid making any sudden decisions today, consider everything carefully (also paying attention to your intuition or “gut instinct”) before taking action.

In addition to the above, today’s energy is also supportive of relationships (both friendships and romantic partnerships), and spiritual practises. With relationships, it’s a great idea to spend quality time together today.



Thursday April 18th is a high-energy day but you’ll need to stay aware and focused on how you use the energy available, otherwise the negative aspect of it can manifest. The positive aspect of today’s energy manifests in physical vitality, a positive attitude, successfully working on/completing projects, and good support for increasing your finances through positive action and visualisation/intention techniques for manifesting (Reiki affirmations, Law of Attraction etc.). However, the negative side of this energy can manifest as moodiness, lack of self-discipline and self-control, and carelessness. Have clear goals today, stay focused and you will be able to get the most out of the positive aspects of this energy (rather than letting yourself get dragged down into the negative aspects).



Friday April 19th is a high-energy day when we experience the Full Moon in Libra. Any Full Moon is a good time for “taking stock” and reflecting upon how your life has been flowing since the last Full Moon, as well as seeing what changes or adjustments need to made in order to create a more harmonious flow. However, the influence of Libra places special emphasis on the areas of relationships, finances and creativity. Reflect upon each of these areas and ask yourself whether or not they are in a state of balance, if you need to take a different approach, and whether or not your actions, behaviour and attitude in these areas are serving your highest good. If not, it’s time to make some changes or adjustments. The intuition will also be especially strong, so pay attention to it and allow it to guide you in making appropriate changes.

To make the most of today’s Full Moon energy, try doing a special meditation. You can do your own meditation, or choose to meditate on all you have to be grateful for in your life, or you can do a Full Moon meditation in the following way:

Sit quietly and comfortably, with the hands resting on the knees (palms facing up), breathing deeply and evenly, whilst contemplating the Moon. Imagine that with every in-breath, your up-turned hands draw in a bright, silvery light from the Moon. See the light enter your hands, travel up to your shoulders, and then to the centre of the chest (where it collects in the heart chakra). This light at the centre of the chest then spreads throughout your body. Continue breathing in the light, spreading it through your body, for as long as it feels right for you. (When you exhale, just allow the breath to leave the body). When you feel/visualise that your entire body is filled with this silvery light, you can then try expanding this light throughout your aura, and beyond.

If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, you can sit quietly with the Moon in view (ideally outdoors) and send Reiki to it. Sit quietly and comfortably, prepare your hands for sending Reiki, and draw your 3 Reiki symbols over the Moon. You would then use the Reiki 2 technique of ‘Beaming’, with the hands ‘aimed’ at the Moon. In this way, you can tap directly into these lunar energies. Of course, you can use any method of sending Reiki by distance, so go with whatever you prefer.


Saturday April 20th personal vitality, intuition and inspiration are all strongly supported today. It’s a day for activities, and perhaps trying something new, although you should think before you act (the energy today is more on the responsible, rather than impulsive, side). Creative activities are also well-aspected. Whatever you decide to do, the one thing to avoid is being lazy because the active energy will cause you to feel agitated or “all over the place”. Pay attention to your intuition and allow it to guide you in using today’s energy for your highest good.


Sunday April 21st we finish the week with light, bright energy. Today is very good for spending time with family and friends, as these relationships are blessed with lots of harmonious energy today. Today is also a good one for activities and pursuing your interests, but try to avoid heavy work projects if possible, as the focus today should be on positive activities that you enjoy.



Wishing all of you an enjoyable and positive week ahead!

Many blessings,