Hello Everyone,

This week we have a strong theme of taking practical action, as well as good opportunities to heal old, unresolved emotional wounds. The energetic highlight of the week occurs on Wednesday when we experience Pluto turning retrograde until the beginning of October, combined with a day of “Master Energy”. A major theme of Pluto retrograde is “release”, so pay attention to your intuition and allow it to guide you in what (or “who”) to release over the next few months. So now let’s take a detailed look at the week ahead, what to expect and how to use the energy to it’s greatest potential:

Monday April 22nd the week starts with a day focused on grounded, practical action. You may choose to use this energy at home by clearing out clutter and re-organising, or by applying it to relationships, finances and creativity by thinking of practical ways in which to create more harmony and balance in these areas.


Tuesday April 23rd the positive, flowing energy of today supports inspiration, creativity and romantic partnerships. There is also a healing aspect to this energy, so it’s an ideal time to work on healing any relationship issues or old, unresolved emotional wounds that may be affecting your current relationship.


Wednesday April 24th is a high-energy day when we experience Master Energy as well as Pluto turning retrograde. According to numerology, this day has special energetic significance because the numbers of today’s date add up to the “Master Number” of 22 (2+4+4+2+0+1+9 =22). “22” is known as the “Master Builder”, so today is ideal for starting new projects and furthering work on existing projects and goals (building your future). This is a day to take action, so make the most of it! It’s also a great day to work on manifesting your goals, so ensure that you set aside some time to sit quietly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms. To make this exercise more effective, try to use as many of your senses as possible (feel, smell, hear… and most of all, intend) when you visualise, and truly intend that each goal is now accomplished. If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, it’s an especially powerful day to work on your Reiki affirmations.

Pluto turns retrograde today and will turn “direct” on October 3rd. Pluto retrograde is potentially a very powerful time for personal and spiritual growth, but the key to this is releasing from your life that which no longer benefits you. This covers all aspects: patterns, habits, ways of thinking and doing things that no longer serve you, relationships and material objects. After you have reflected upon all areas of your life and identified what needs to be released, it’s time to take action. This action may be immediate, such as doing a thorough housecleaning and donating/discarding items.

When dealing with releasing habits, create a strategy that works for you and then stick to it (enlist the help of those close to you, if need be). During Pluto retrograde, unresolved issues and old emotional “hurts” are often pushed to the surface in order to be healed and released, in which case create a healing “schedule” that you stick to. Releasing relationships is often the most difficult area for most people, but letting go of people whom you no longer connect with, or with whom the relationship has become “toxic”, draining, etc. is absolutely essential. Most often, the root of this reluctance is FEAR (fear of being alone, fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of standing up for oneself etc.). If this is the case for you, take time to work on healing and releasing the fear and then you will soon feel empowered enough to take action. Take time once per week to reflect upon your progress so that you can feel more motivated and also pinpoint any problematic areas that need more work.

By actively working with these themes, you can make this a very empowering time which will enable you to move forward on your life path.


Thursday April 25th in contrast with yesterday, today we can expect the energy to be rather “low-key”. Rather than starting new projects or trying to accomplish many tasks, it’s a good idea to work on current projects and not take on too much. Just “go with the flow” as much as possible. You can also take time to reflect upon the themes of Pluto retrograde mentioned in yesterday’s forecast, and create a plan or strategy for working with the energy.


Friday April 26th the intuition will be stronger than usual, so pay attention to any flashes of inspiration and your “gut instinct”. It’s a good idea to start the day with meditation (even for just a few minutes!) so that you are better able to receive intuitive guidance throughout the day. The energy today is also very supportive in the area of committed relationships, so perhaps you feel ready to take your relationship to the next level!


Saturday April 27th the energy will be very supportive of action, decision-making and leadership, especially when guided by the intuition (which will be stronger than usual today). This energy also supports creative expression and smooth communication.


Sunday April 28th the week finishes with a day focused on healing, especially within relationships. Reflect upon any old, unresolved issues that may have been triggered recently, then actively work on healing and releasing these using your preferred healing method. If you are a Reiki (or other healing energy) practitioner, take time for a full self-treatment or arrange to receive a treatment from a practitioner, as much can be healed and released today. If you are experiencing emotional hurt within a current relationship, it’s important to communicate openly and compassionately in order to work together to bring about a state of balance and harmony. Acknowledge the root of the hurt, rather than just the symptoms, so that real and lasting healing can take place. Be kind and patient with yourself and with each other, aiming for constructive and positive action.


Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead!

Many blessings,