Hello Everyone,

This week you’ll notice an emphasis on making adjustments, changes or releases in relationships, finances and creativity in order to bring these areas into alignment with your higher purpose. The intuition will be stronger than usual, so allow it to guide you in this process. The highlight of the week occurs on Tuesday when we experience the Full Moon in Virgo. We also have a special 2-week energy cycle beginning on Wednesday. There is also lots of support for inspired creative activity as well as spiritual awakening over the next month, so make sure you actively work with the energy in order to gain the most benefits from it. So now let’s take a detailed look at the week ahead, what to expect and how to best use the energy:

Monday February 18th we start the week with an abundance of energy supporting the following areas: providing service to others using the special talents you love to use most, relationships and creativity. The intuition will be especially strong, so pay attention to it, especially in guiding you ways in which you can assist others. Regarding relationships, take time to reflect upon the most important relationships in your life: the ones that are balanced and healthy will feel stable and “solid”, whereas the ones that need to be worked on or even released will feel challenging (either in one or more areas). If you feel that a relationship(s) needs to be worked on, it’s important to look at the healing aspect. Through honest and compassionate communication, you can try to work on any issues together with the other person(s) involved. It’s also important to look at the self: any “triggers” indicate issues that have not yet been healed and released, so take time to also reflect upon the root cause(s) of issues, and then actively work on healing and releasing them.

Regarding creativity, there is great potential for productivity as long as your projects/activities are in alignment with your higher purpose. If this isn’t the case, then consider taking projects in a different direction, putting them aside for now, or even letting go completely. This also applies to any financial activities.



Tuesday February 19th is a high-energy day when we experience the Full Moon in Virgo. Any Full Moon is a good time to “take stock” of how you’ve been doing since the previous Full Moon, but the influence of Virgo places extra emphasis on the areas of health and healing, as well as care and service towards others using your special talents and abilities. As Virgo is ruled by the element of Earth, it is a good idea to assess whether or not adjustments or changes need to be made in order to be more efficient in the “practical” areas of life. It’s also an excellent time to reflect upon the state of balance in your life, specifically the flow of energy: do you give more than you receive? Are you always putting others first, ending up feeling drained in the process? Although it’s wonderful to be giving and caring, it is important to receive as well. Remember that when we nurture and care for ourselves, not only do we feel much better but we are also better able to help others. This particular Full Moon also supports better organising and clearing out clutter, both at work and in the home.

To make the most of today’s Full Moon energy, try doing a special meditation. You can do your own meditation, or choose to meditate on all you have to be grateful for in your life, or you can do a Full Moon meditation in the following way:

Sit quietly and comfortably, with the hands resting on the knees (palms facing up), breathing deeply and evenly, whilst contemplating the Moon. Imagine that with every in-breath, your up-turned hands draw in a bright, silvery light from the Moon. See the light enter your hands, travel up to your shoulders, and then to the centre of the chest (where it collects in the heart chakra). This light at the centre of the chest then spreads throughout your body. Continue breathing in the light, spreading it through your body, for as long as it feels right for you. (When you exhale, just allow the breath to leave the body). When you feel/visualise that your entire body is filled with this silvery light, you can then try expanding this light throughout your aura, and beyond.

If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, you can sit quietly with the Moon in view (ideally outdoors) and send Reiki to it. Sit quietly and comfortably, prepare your hands for sending Reiki, and draw your 3 Reiki symbols over the Moon. You would then use the Reiki 2 technique of ‘Beaming’, with the hands ‘aimed’ at the Moon. In this way, you can tap directly into these lunar energies. Of course, you can use any method of sending Reiki by distance, so go with whatever you prefer.

In addition to this Full Moon energy, today there is also great support for increasing the flow of abundance and prosperity in to your life using intention/visualisation techniques such as the Law of Attraction or Reiki affirmations. Relationship healing and putting your ideas into action are also well-supported.



Wednesday February 20th is a high-energy day when we experience the beginning of a 2-week cycle of energy focused on relationships and manifesting financial and creative ideas. Regarding relationships, it’s an important time to reflect upon your most significant ones and recognise which are balanced and in alignment with your higher purpose, and which ones are not. You may find challenges arising within the next 2 weeks in those relationships that are not balanced or serving your highest good. In this case, it is important to either change the dynamic of the relationship into something much more positive, or to let the relationship go. The intuition will be especially strong, so listen to your inner-voice and any flashes of intuition/inspiration to assist you in this process. However, in relationships that are healthy and balanced, you’ll find that this 2-week energy cycle will bring in lots of positive, empowering energy!

As mentioned earlier, this energy cycle is very supportive of creative and financial ideas that are in alignment with your higher purpose. It’s a great time to create a strategy to manifest these ideas!



Thursday February 21st the emphasis is on sharing information, especially information that will inspire others.



Friday February 22nd the energy will be active today, and it’s a good idea to channel it into creative projects and/or spiritual practises. It’s also a very good idea to reflect upon whether or not your approaches to creativity, finances and relationships are serving your higher purpose. A good indicator is if you’re experiencing stress in any of these areas. If this is the case, it’s time to either transform or let go of how you’ve been approaching these areas. However, any areas that are balanced and in alignment with your higher purpose can experience great abundance and empowerment during this time.



Saturday February 23rd the focus is on the intellect and mental capabilities. It’s a great day for problem-solving, analysing, and creating strategies.



Sunday February 24th we finish the week with a day of gentle, flowing energy. Rather than trying to accomplish many tasks, it’s a good idea to just enjoy the day and “go with the flow”.



Wishing all of you a positive and productive week ahead!

Many blessings,