Hello Everyone,

This week there is a continued emphasis on relationships, on healing issues in order to bring about a state of balance and harmony, as well as enjoying a state of abundance and empowerment within those relationships that are already balanced and harmonious. We have an energy-cycle starting on Tuesday that highlights this, as well as overlapping with the peak of the energy-cycle that started last week (and peaks on Wednesday) which is also focused on relationships. In addition to this, there are also good opportunities for creative expression, creative projects, communication and learning. So now let’s take a detailed look at the week ahead and what we can expect:

Monday February 25th yesterday’s flowing, gentle energy continues today. Rather than starting new projects or trying to accomplish many tasks, it’s a good idea to continue work on current projects and just “go with the flow” as much as possible.


Tuesday February 26th the energy will be stronger today as we experience the beginning of a 3-week energy-cycle focused on committed relationships. This can be either an empowering or challenging time, depending upon how your relationship has been going over the past couple of months or so. If your relationship is balanced and going well, you can expect plenty of abundant and positive energy that you can share with each other emotionally, physically and mentally. However, if you’ve been experiencing difficulties, it’s time to reflect upon whether your relationship brings you more sorrow or worry than abundance. If there is sorrow (the dominant emotion that can be triggered during this time), it is very important for both partners to work together to heal and release the root cause(s) in order to create a strong, positive relationship. Communicating with love, patience and understanding is essential. The following free, guided meditation that I’ve created for the heart chakra can help to open, clear and heal this area. It’s helpful to place the hands over the heart chakra area during the meditation (especially so for Reiki practitioners), as everyone has “chi” flowing from the palms, which can assist in clearing and healing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK-zIQIv0I4&t=88s or https://soundcloud.com/chantal-phillips/guided-meditation-heart-chakra?in=chantal-phillips/sets/guided-meditations


Wednesday February 27th is a high-energy day when physical vitality will be strong and we experience the peak of the 2-week energy-cycle that started last Wednesday the 20th, focused on relationships and manifesting financial and creative ideas. Regarding relationships, you’ll notice that this energy-cycle overlaps with the one that started yesterday, intensifying this theme. It’s an important time to reflect upon your most significant ones and recognise which are balanced and in alignment with your higher purpose, and which ones are not. You may find challenges arising within the next 2 weeks in those relationships that are not balanced or serving your highest good. In this case, it is important to either change the dynamic of the relationship into something much more positive, or to let the relationship go. The intuition will be especially strong, so listen to your inner-voice and any flashes of intuition/inspiration to assist you in this process. However, in relationships that are healthy and balanced, you’ll find that this energy cycle will bring in lots of positive, empowering energy!

As mentioned earlier, this energy cycle is very supportive of creative and financial ideas that are in alignment with your higher purpose. It’s a great time to create a strategy to manifest these ideas!


Thursday February 28th we will be feeling the effects of yesterday’s strong energy, although not as intensely, so you can continue to work on the themes mentioned in yesterday’s forecast.


Friday March 1st we begin a new month with the energy giving lots of support to creativity, personal development, and innovative thinking. The intuition will be stronger than usual, so pay attention to any “flashes” of inspiration and guidance, and allow it to guide you in these areas. However, be conscious of your state of emotional balance in order to avoid disputes, and do not take action or make decisions in an overly-emotional state, otherwise conflicts may arise.


Saturday March 2nd the energy will be great for communication, learning and clear-thinking. It’s also a good day for starting new projects, as long as you are using your common sense. However, be aware of your emotional state today. If you are feeling overly-sensitive or moody, this can create problems in your dealings with others, especially within relationships. In this case, take time to be alone in order to re-balance. Taking time for meditation is very helpful for this, or perhaps you may prefer taking a walk in nature, breathing deeply, while performing a “walking meditation”. If you are a Reiki (or other energy) practitioner, take time for a self-treatment in order to re-balance and re-energise.


Sunday March 3rd we finish the week with a day best-suited for relaxation and enjoyment. As with yesterday, it’s important to be aware of your emotional state in order to avoid conflict with others. It’s not a day for taking action or making sudden decisions. If you do need to make important decisions, do so carefully and after careful consideration.


Wishing all of you a positive an constructive week!

Many blessings,