Hello Everyone,

We have some active energy this week but also some potential challenges.  To make the best possible use of the energy, the number one word to remember this week is “balance”.   Be aware of your emotional state as well as your work/life balance.  It is a great week to work on existing projects and brainstorm new ideas, but not the best for starting new projects… if possible, try to save the new starts for next week.  With that, let’s take a detailed look at what we can expect this week:


Monday February 29th we start the week with a high-energy day that is strongly supportive of creativity, taking different approaches to problem-solving and improving the flow of energy in the area of finances.  However, in order to make good use of the energy it is very important to stay focused and use your sense of self-discipline otherwise you may find yourself “all over the place” or daydreaming the day away.  There is also great potential for spiritual pursuits, so make sure you set aside time for whatever spiritual practise you enjoy.  You can help to channel more energy to the area of finances by sitting quietly and visualising your goals in these areas in their completed forms.  This exercise is made more powerful by using as many of your senses as possible, feeling and intending that each goal is now achieved.  If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, it’s a great day for working on your Reiki affirmations.


Tuesday March 1st we begin the month of March with the emphasis on maintaining a state of emotional balance.  Be aware of this so that you can avoid the potential pitfalls of feeling stressed-out or confused in this area.  Also be aware that this week is not the best for starting new projects, so don’t take on too much if possible, so as to avoid extra stress.


Wednesday March 2nd the energy the energy will be lighter than yesterday, supporting our interactions with others and taking an “out of the box” approach to problem-solving.  Today is also a good one for group activities of all types as well as for doing energy work to increase the flow of abundance and prosperity.  As with Monday, take time to sit quietly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms.  For Reiki 2 (and above) practitioners, working with your Reiki affirmations is a well-supported activity today.


Thursday March 3rd is a high-energy day filled with potential for enjoyment but the key word to keep in mind today is balance, specifically in balancing your desires and responsibilities.   So by all means make the most of enjoying today, but make sure that this doesn’t come at the expense of your duties.


Friday March 4th the energy will be rather “low-key”, so rather than trying to accomplish many tasks today it’s a good idea to just go with the flow as much as possible.  Continue working on current projects rather than starting new ones.


Saturday March 5th we start a weekend of potentially “tricky” energy.  The key to enjoying this weekend is allowing yourself to slow down, relax and avoid any type of conflict or confrontation.  I strongly recommend starting each day this weekend with meditation (even just a few minutes!) so that you “set the scene” for a relaxing time.  Bear in mind that those around you may be feeling agitated or argumentative, so don’t allow yourself to get drawn into this type of energy.


Sunday March 6th the energy from yesterday will still be felt today, so take it easy as much as possible today.  Relax, don’t rush around, allow yourself the time to recharge and refresh!


Wishing all of you a positive and productive week ahead!

Many blessings,