Hello Everyone,

After experiencing so many days of intense energy over the past few weeks, it may come as a relief to know that this week we have lots of opportunities for resting, relaxing and recharging.  Over half of this week is comprised of days of gentle, flowing energy!  However, we still have three days of powerful energy, the big event being Uranus turning retrograde on Friday.  So now let’s take a detailed look at the energy this week, what we can expect and how to make the most of it.

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus Retrograde

Monday July 25th we begin the week with a day of gentle, flowing energy.  Rather than starting new projects or trying to accomplish many tasks, it’s a good idea to work on existing projects and just “go with the flow” as much as possible.


Tuesday July 26th we experience a second day of “gentle” energy.  As with yesterday, continue to work on current projects.  It’s also a good idea to take part in activities that rebalance, relax and recharge you, such as a yoga or tai-chi session, Reiki (or other energy) treatment or even just a calming walk in nature.


Wednesday July 27th is a high-energy day with plenty of strong, positive energy supporting breakthroughs, especially in the areas of teaching, guidance and healing.  In teaching, be aware of how you can be the one providing inspiration for others.  Regarding healing, it’s a great day to work on any old, stubborn issues.


Thursday July 28th we have a day of gentle, flowing energy.  As with the energy we experienced at the beginning of the week, continue to work on current projects and make an effort to take time to relax, rest and recharge.


Friday July 29th is a high-energy day when we experience Uranus turning retrograde until December 29th.  The effects of Uranus tend to be more pronounced during a retrograde period.  One especially strong effect is an awakening, or re-awakening, of a desire to break free of any restrictions, confines or stagnant areas of life.  If you find yourself experiencing this, it is advisable to examine the situation carefully and then create a clear strategy for breaking free and moving forward.  However, it is better to wait until Uranus turns “direct” again before actually putting the plan into action.  Uranus influences the intuition and inventiveness, so we can expect powerful moments of inspiration and guidance that can assist in making plans for more freedom and life changes.  We are also strongly supported in expressing our true-selves clearly and openly.

There is great potential during a time of Uranus retrograde, but be aware that if you living in a state of imbalance, it can be a very challenging time.  Clear signs of this include feeling agitated or irritable, nervous or anxious for little or no apparent reason.  There can also be a strong sense of everything “being out of control”.  If you experience any of these things, it is important to first GROUND yourself and then take stock of each area of your life (relationships, health and well-being, career, finances etc.).  Any area that is stagnating or in a state of disharmony is a clear indication that changes need to be made, so take this opportunity of Uranus retrograde to create a plan of change and action.  Once you begin this process, you’ll find yourself feeling more peaceful, fulfilled and balanced on all levels.


Saturday July 30th there will be lots of energy supporting the areas of healing and service to others.  Take time for a full healing session, either a self-treatment or receiving a treatment from an energy-healing practitioner, as much can be healed and released today.  Regarding service to others, reflect upon how you can use your talents and abilities in order to assist others.


Sunday July 31st we finish the week (and the month!) with a day of gentle, flowing energy.  It’s an ideal day to just relax and let go.  We have some days of intense energy coming up in the first week of August, so make the most of enjoying today.


Wishing all of you an enjoyable, more relaxing week ahead!

Many blessings,