Hello Everyone,

We have a very eventful week ahead, with the highlights being the Summer Solstice, Neptune turning retrograde, plus a “Master” energy day! The key to making the most of the energy is to stay balanced and grounded, otherwise you may find yourself feeling agitated, overwhelmed or “all over the place”. Choose the areas on which you want to focus your time and energy, and make an effort to take time daily for a grounding and balancing exercise. Here is the link to read my article on grounding, with lots of information and different grounding techniques: http://www.healingfire.com/tips-for-grounding/ and also the link to my free, guided meditation for grounding and energising: https://soundcloud.com/chantal-phillips/guided-meditation-grounding
So now let’s take a detailed look at the week ahead and how to make the most of it:

Monday June 18th the week begins with a high-energy day when we experience Neptune turning retrograde until the end of November. Neptune is related to living in harmony with your higher purpose, divine inspiration, inspired creativity and the spiritual area of life. During a retrograde period of Neptune, we can become much more aware of that which does and doesn’t serve our higher purpose and then make the necessary changes and adjustments that allow us to let go, change and transform our lives in positive, powerful ways.

Reflect upon the different areas of your life: relationships, work, emotional state, physical health etc. As you reflect upon each area, pay attention to how you feel. If you feel positive and relaxed, this a good sign that you’re on the right path. However, if you feel uneasy, unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated etc. it is a clear sign that changes should be made. With Neptune, this takes the form of release: releasing old patterns, habits, fears, wounds…as well as letting go of certain people, ways of thinking and even physical objects. Give thanks for the lessons that you have learned and blessings received and then take clear steps to let go.

Be aware that during a time of Neptune retrograde, one’s “dark side” can also manifest through escapism, excessive day-dreaming, being aimless, substance abuse and “playing the victim”. By being conscious of this, you can either completely avoid these situations or recognise if you are allowing yourself to fall into any of these habits (and then put a stop to it by healing the root cause).

In addition to extra energy from Neptune retrograde, today is great for problem-solving and creating strategies. Perhaps you can use this energy by creating a plan of action for the next few months so that you can stay positive and focused throughout the retrograde period.

Today is also the beginning of a cycle of healing that will continue until the end of the month. This cycle is focused especially on healing and releasing old emotional wounds and trauma. If you are a Reiki (or other energy) practitioner, make sure to set aside extra time for self-treatments. This cycle supports both the giving and receiving of healing.


Tuesday June 19th is a high-energy day when we experience the peak of the 10-day cycle of energy focused on the following areas: relationship healing, teaching/mentoring, personal transformation and self-expression. Take time today to reflect upon these areas in your life so that you have a clear idea of what you would like to actively work on. During this cycle there is also great support for expressing your true thoughts and feelings, but be aware of others who may try to control or influence your thinking or speaking. In this situation, it’s important to stand up for yourself, take control and speak from the heart.

In addition, the intuition will also be stronger than usual today, so pay attention to your “gut instinct” and any flashes of inspiration or guidance.


Wednesday June 20th the energy should be “quieter” and more settled today, good for working on the themes mentioned above as well as working on practical tasks. You may notice the energy increasing as the day goes on and we near tomorrow’s Summer Solstice.


Thursday June 21st is a VERY high-energy day when we experience the Summer Solstice. There are various opinions as to why the Summer Solstice is so energetically significant. However, all agree that this day presents us with a unique opportunity to make a ‘leap’ in consciousness. During times of accelerated energy and awareness, we either take action or stagnate. Remember that chaos is always part of new creation, so when it’s time to change, sometimes we just need to take a deep breath… trust… and go for it! The changing/re-organisation of energy fields creates incredibly unexpected new things in your life. So embrace the changes, go with it and consciously let go of the “old” or that which no longer serves your higher purpose and well-being.

Of course, many cultures since ancient times have placed significance on the Solstices, but let’s look at what is being said specifically about this one:

Starting from today and continuing for the next month, the focus is on the emotions, family, home and security. There is also lots of support for learning, communication and thinking. With the intuition stronger than usual, allow it to guide you in working on any of the areas just mentioned that may be in need of harmony and/or empowerment. There is also good potential for healing, especially old “wounds”, so you may wish to take time for a full healing session or practise today. This healing potential can also be applied to relationships, so if there any issues within significant relationships/partnerships, today is an excellent day to work on these.

The Solstice as also seen as a time when we are especially receptive to raising our energetic vibrations. In order to do this, one must consciously work with the energies through meditation, visualisation, intention, and/or energy work (Reiki etc.). Whatever you decide to do, it’s great if you can manage to practise outdoors. You can do this alone, or with a group (you may enjoy celebrating the Solstice with friends!). If you wish to do a meditation for the Solstice, here is simple yet effective one that I hope you enjoy:

Sit quietly and close your eyes. If you are a Reiki (or other energy) practitioner, place the hands on the body, resting lightly on the knees or placed over the heart chakra. Breathe deeply and evenly, focusing attention on the breath and quieting the mind.

When you feel calm and centred, begin to imagine your breath as a radiant white light. Imagine/intend that this light is coming directly from the sun, filling you and energising every cell of your body. Be aware of being filled with vitality, strength, joy and love. With every breath, this feeling intensifies…

Feel your heart chakra glowing and growing…expanding infinitely…filled with love.
Feel how we are all ONE, how your love connects you with every living thing. Feel your energy expanding so that you are filled with love for all…feel your connection with the Earth. Continue breathing deeply and evenly.

Imagine that this brilliant light which fills you is expanding throughout the world, and beyond. Feel your connection with the universe, with the Divine! Give yourself permission to expand… Give yourself permission to raise your vibration and to be aware of the higher energies.

When you are feeling this connection, this one-ness, just “be”. Take as much time as you like to enjoy this experience, this feeling.


Friday June 22nd is a high-energy day when we will still be feeling the effects of yesterday’s Solstice. In addition to this, today begins a cycle of energy that lasts until the end of July which will be focused on opportunities. These opportunities are in the areas of partnerships, prosperity and healing.

In partnerships, whether business or romantic, the emphasis is on working together in order to increase the flow of abundance into your lives. This may involve needing to change habits, and there may be times when you feel challenged, but by communicating clearly and honestly and being flexible, both sides stand to gain.

Regarding prosperity, allow your intuition to guide you in pointing the way towards opportunities for breakthroughs. Remember that these breakthroughs won’t just happen by themselves, they will be a result of focus and effort that you have been making over the past few months.

In the area of healing, once again it is about healing old hurts. As partnerships and working with others is a feature of this energy cycle, consider seeking help and/or guidance from someone trusted to assist you with your healing process.


Saturday June 23rd is a high-energy day when we experience a “Master” Energy day. According to numerology this day has special energetic significance because the numbers of today’s date add up to the “Master Number” of 22 (2+3+6+2+0+1+8 =22). “22” is known as the “Master Builder”, so today is ideal for starting new projects and furthering work on existing projects and goals (building your future). This is a day to take action, so make the most of it! It’s also a great day to work on manifesting your goals, so ensure that you set aside some time to sit quietly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms. To make this exercise more effective, try to use as many of your senses as possible (feel, smell, hear… and most of all, intend) when you visualise. If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, it’s an especially powerful day to work on your Reiki affirmations.

Additionally, the energy today is great for problem-solving and creating strategies, as well as healing old emotional issues.


Sunday June 24th we finish the week with a day of gentle, flowing energy. It’s a great day to relax and recharge, especially after such an active week. It definitely isn’t a day for pushing yourself too hard or rushing around, so allow yourself to let go and enjoy.


Wishing all of you a positive and powerful week ahead!

Many blessings,