Hello Everyone,

This week we can expect some good opportunities for healing, creative expression and strategy-making. The big highlight of the week occurs on Saturday when we will experience the New Moon in Pisces combined with a Master Energy day! Think about what new beginnings or “fresh starts” you would like to create, then use this powerful energy to make it happen. So now let’s take a detailed look at the week ahead, what to expect and how to make the most of the energy:

Monday March 12th the week starts with a day of strong “Yin”, or feminine, energy. Put this energy to good use through thinking strategically and by creating a solid and detailed plan of action for current goals and projects. You can also channel this energy into creative projects, especially those that have a practical purpose.


Tuesday March 13th we can look forward to a day of light and bright energy today. All activities receive a nice “boost” of energy, but this is especially true for spiritual practises and creative activities. The energy today is also good for creating better order and structure in any areas where you may be facing challenges, particularly in the area of finances. If any challenges do arise today, remember to stay calm and focused so that you can use the energy to create a more positive situation.


Wednesday March 14th the energy will be focused strongly in the areas of healing, guidance and teaching. If you are a Reiki (or other healing-energy) practitioner, make sure you take time for a full self-treatment as much as can be healed and released today. You may also consider receiving a treatment from a practitioner. The guidance and teaching aspect of today applies to any area, so be open to sharing your expertise with others in a helpful and considerate way.


Thursday March 15th we can expect a day of rather “low-key” energy. Rather than trying to accomplish many tasks today, it’s a good idea to continue work on existing projects and just “go with the flow” as much as possible.


Friday March 16th is a high-energy day when we experience the final day of the energy cycle (which began two weeks ago) focused primarily in the area of committed relationships, whether romantic, business, family or otherwise. The theme is healing, so it could be that someone close to you is offering assistance and support in your healing process or in overcoming current challenges, or perhaps someone close to you is serving as the motivation you need to deal with your old, emotional hurts so that they can be healed and released. Whatever the case, be receptive and open to resolving issues.


Saturday March 17th is a VERY high-energy day when we experience both a “Master Energy” day as well as the New Moon in Pisces. Any New Moon is a great time for new beginnings and fresh starts, but the influence of Pisces places special emphasis on the areas of inspired creativity, spiritual awakening and working with your dreams (keeping a dream journal and working with any recurring or powerful themes/messages, lucid dreaming etc.). However, be aware that there can be a “shadow” side to this energy: escapism, lack of focus/direction, and playing the “victim”. By being conscious of these “traps” and focusing on using the abundant energy in a positive and powerful way, you can avoid these pitfalls.

The potent energy today is fantastic for many activities, including: strengthening committed relationships, healing old emotional wounds, creating strategies for future growth and direction, starting new projects and increasing the flow of abundance/prosperity in to your life through the use of techniques such as the Law of Attraction and Reiki Affirmations. The intuition is especially strong, so allow it to guide you in working on any of the areas mentioned.

A great way to actively work with New Moon energy is by doing a special meditation. You can do your own meditation or you can do a New Moon meditation in the following ways:

Sit quietly and comfortably, with the hands resting on the knees (palms facing up), breathing deeply and evenly, whilst contemplating the Moon. Imagine that with every in-breath, your up-turned hands draw in a bright, silvery light from the Moon. See the light enter your hands, travel up to your shoulders, and then to the centre of the chest (where it collects in the heart chakra). This light at the centre of the chest then spreads throughout your body. Continue breathing in the light, spreading it through your body, for as long as it feels right for you. (When you exhale, just allow the breath to leave the body). When you feel/visualise that your entire body is filled with this silvery light, you can then try expanding this light throughout your aura, and beyond.

If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, you can sit quietly and use any of your distance Reiki techniques to “send” Reiki to the Moon. In this way, you can tap directly into these lunar energies.

According to numerology this day has special energetic significance because the numbers of today’s date add up to the “Master Number” of 22 (1+7+3+2+0+1+8= 22). “22” is known as the “Master Builder”, so today is ideal for starting new projects and furthering work on existing projects and goals (building your future). This is a day to take action, so make the most of it! It’s also a great day to work on manifesting your goals (especially those related to prosperity and abundance), so ensure that you set aside some time to sit quietly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms. To make this exercise more effective, try to use as many of your senses as possible (feel, smell, hear… and most of all, intend) when you visualise. If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, it’s an especially powerful day to work on your Reiki affirmations.


Sunday March 18th we end the week with the energy focused on the emotions. It can manifest in the form of feeling “softer” or more sentimental, or the energy can have the effect of bringing up unhealed emotional “hurts” from the past. If you find yourself being reminded of any old “hurts”, take time to reflect upon these and the lesson(s) involved, then allow yourself to forgive and release. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can assist this healing and releasing process by keeping the hands in place over the heart chakra (in the middle of the chest).


Wishing all of you a positive and productive week ahead!

Many blessings,