Hello Everyone,

Of course, the big event of the week was experienced on Monday the 20th, the Spring Equinox. A fantastic way to start the week and begin a time of growth, re-birth and “planting the seeds” of your future. From now until June (the Summer Solstice) this is a very strong theme, so make sure that you take time every day (even if it’s only 10 minutes!) to actively work on the new projects and new beginnings that you wish to see come to fruition. These goals can be related to any area of your life that you wish to transform: the self, relationships, career etc. We also finish the week with a very powerful day where we can empower our goals. But now let’s take a detailed look at what the week ahead holds and what we can do to make the most of the energy:

Monday March 20th I have already posted my special Spring Equinox forecast. As it is quite long, I won’t repeat it here.


Tuesday March 21st is a high-energy day when we will still be feeling the energetic effects of the Spring Equinox. Additionally, creativity gets lots of support as do partnerships (both in love and business). It’s a day to be active and to not shy away from taking the lead!


Wednesday March 22nd the energy will be more “settled”. It’s a day to “go with the flow” as much as possible and to stay focused on your current plans and projects.


Thursday March 23rd is all about communication: specifically, speaking truthfully about anything that you’ve been holding back or have been reluctant to discuss. Remember that this is not about confrontation, it’s about expressing yourself from your heart in a clear and sensitive way. Be aware of the other person’s feelings and reactions, be kind but also be clear.


Friday March 24th brings great potential for inspired ideas! This can help you in problem-solving and creating strategies for achieving your goals (think of the ones that you’ve been working on recently, especially those since the Equinox). However, it is advisable to keep your plans to yourself for the time-being. Sharing too much at this stage can prove to be damaging to your plans in the long run.


Saturday March 25th the energy will be very supportive in the areas of relationships and creative expression. Long-term relationships can get a boost, so make an effort and plan some special activities together. In terms of creative expression, this can take the form of whatever you most enjoy: writing, music, art, dance, cooking… anything! Choose your activity and then go for it.


Sunday March 26th we finish the week with a VERY high-energy day when the intuition is strengthened and there are great opportunities for taking action, expressing your creative side, increasing the flow of abundance and prosperity into your life and injecting new passion into relationships. Listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you in these areas! It’s also a good idea to set aside time to visualise your goals for abundance and prosperity in order to make the most of the energy. It may be that you do work with the Law of Attraction or other visualisation techniques, and for Reiki 2 practitioners it’s an excellent day to work on your Reiki affirmations. Whatever your preferred method, sit quietly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms. Work on them one by one, using as many of your senses as possible. Truly feel and intend that each goal is now completed!


Wishing all of you a positive and productive week ahead!

Many blessings,