Hello Everyone,

This week the focus is very much on partnerships, committed relationships and healing. We have two energy cycles starting this week that relate to this, as well as the aspect of increasing the flow of prosperity and abundance into your life. We also have a “Master” energy day coming up on Friday, so it’s a good opportunity to take action in building your future and manifesting goals. With that, let’s take a detailed look at the week ahead, what to expect and how to make the most of the energy:

Monday October 15th we start the week with strong energy as we begin a 4-week energy cycle focused on partnerships and healing. With the regards to partnerships, this is an opportunity to take romantic relationships to the next level, and/or strengthen and empower business partnerships. An important aspect of this energy is the giving and receiving of advice, guidance and knowledge. This aspect also applies to the area of healing: is there healing that you can offer or receive within partnerships that will enable taking the relationships to the next level? There is an element of action in this energy cycle, supporting one in actively seeking out the healing and/or knowledge that is needed.

In addition to the energy mentioned above, today there is good support for harmonious communication, so if there is a “difficult” conversation that you’ve been waiting to have with someone, today is a good one for doing so.


Tuesday October 16th we can expect a continuation of the energy that we experienced yesterday, with a focus on partnerships and empowering them through sharing wisdom and healing.


Wednesday October 17th we experience another cycle of energy beginning, this one lasting for 10 days and focused on healing (especially within committed relationships). This gives a big boost of energy to the cycle that started on Monday! For your self-healing, focus on healing/releasing any issues or past hurts related to relationships. Within committed relationships, open, patient and compassionate communication is essential when discussing what adjustments or changes can be made on both sides in order to bring about a greater state of balance and harmony. This type of communication is also important if you’re providing healing to others during this time.

One more aspect to this energy-cycle is increasing the flow of wealth into your life. Take action within your work, and also take time daily (at least 10-15 minutes) to sit quietly and visualise your prosperity goals in their completed form. Use as many senses as possible and truly intend that each goal is now achieved. If you’re a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, this is an especially powerful time to work on any prosperity/abundance Reiki affirmations that you may have.


Thursday October 18th we will continue to experience the combined influence of the energy cycles that started on Monday and yesterday. Continue working on healing and relationships, as well as increasing the flow of prosperity and abundance into your life.


Friday October 19th is a high-energy day. According to numerology this day has special energetic significance because the numbers of today’s date add up to the “Master Number” of 22 (1+9+1+0+2+0+1+8= 22). “22” is known as the “Master Builder” so today is ideal for starting new projects and furthering work on existing projects and goals (building your future). This is a day to take action, so make the most of it! It’s also a great day to work on manifesting your goals, so ensure that you set aside some time to sit quietly and visualise each of your goals in their completed forms. To make this exercise more effective, try to use as many of your senses as possible (feel, smell, hear… and most of all, intend) when you visualise. In keeping with the current energy cycles, goals related to prosperity and abundance are strongly supported. If you are a Reiki 2 (or above) practitioner, it’s an especially powerful day to work on your Reiki affirmations.

The energy may get a bit intense today, so remember to stay balanced and calm, and avoid conflict by not jumping to any conclusions.


Saturday October 20th we can look forward to plenty of powerful, positive energy supporting the areas of creative inspiration and expression, relationship and personal transformation, as well as financial inspiration and opportunities. Make the most of this energy by choosing the area(s) you would like to focus on and then taking action. Do something constructive with the inspiration you receive!


Sunday October 21st we finish the week with a day of light, bright energy. Rather than trying to accomplish many tasks, it’s a good idea to just enjoy the day doing what you enjoy. Better yet, spend the day with friends or loved ones, enjoying these activities! If weather permits, try to spend time outdoors.


Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead!

Many blessings,