Hello Everyone,

This week, the dominant theme of partnerships/relationships continues. We will experience the “peak” of two energy-cycles focused on this area, as well as the beginning of yet another energy-cycle that supports partnerships. There will also be a good flow feminine energy this week, supporting strategy-making, intuition and creativity. With that, let’s take a detailed look at the week ahead, what to expect and how to make the best use of the energy:

Monday October 29th the week begins with the start of a 2-week cycle of energy that is focused on relationships, especially committed partnerships: romantic, business and creative. Consciously working with this energy, especially both parties in the relationship, can result in lots of inspiration and fresh, new energy flowing in to benefit joint aims and projects. Clear, calm and open communication is very important in this process. If you are experiencing the other person “pushing your buttons”, it is an indication of deeper issues within yourself that need to be healed and released. Healing is a big part of this cycle, so try to pay attention and listen, rather than being reactive. Reflect upon the root cause and then actively take steps to work on releasing whatever the root may be. It’s also a good idea to reflect upon your relationships and how they affect your self-esteem, well-being and finances: any negative impact in these areas indicates issues and imbalances that need addressing.

This cycle of energy also supports us in being more assertive, creating strategies towards achieving goals, experiencing breakthroughs, and living life with more passion!


Tuesday October 30th we can expect bright, abundant energy, inspiring us in the process of healing and personal transformation. Try to start the day with meditation (even just a few minutes!) so that you are better able to connect with your intuition today, thereby increasing those “flashes” of inspiration! It’s also a great day for receiving insights into increasing the flow of prosperity and abundance into your life.


Wednesday October 31st we can look forward to a day of great potential in experiencing major breakthroughs in the areas of creativity, finances and relationships. Remember that we maximise this potential if we have been actively working with the energy and its themes discussed earlier. You should also bear in mind that these breakthroughs aren’t just a result of using your intellect. Rather, it is more about how open you are to receiving inspiration and intuitive “flashes”.


Thursday November 1st a new month begins with strong Yin (feminine) energy. This energy is very supportive of healing, teaching or mentoring, as well as being inspired by wisdom from your elders or from other cultures. Strategy-making is also well-supported today.


Friday November 2nd is a high-energy day when we experience the peak of the energy cycle that started on October 15th, focused on partnerships and healing. With the regards to partnerships, this is an opportunity to take romantic relationships to the next level, and/or strengthen and empower business partnerships. An important aspect of this energy is the giving and receiving of advice, guidance and knowledge. This aspect also applies to the area of healing: is there healing that you can offer or receive within partnerships that will enable taking the relationships to the next level? There is an element of action in this energy cycle, supporting one in actively seeking out the healing and/or knowledge that is needed.


Saturday November 3rd we have a second high-energy day as we experience the peak of the energy-cycle that started on October 25th, focused primarily on healing within partnerships, especially romantic ones. This energy cycle is also supportive of teaching, guidance and creative expression. Hopefully you have already been working on this healing aspect, as it’s been a dominant theme recently. If not, then begin today and make the most of this energy!


Sunday November 4th we finish the week with another day of “Yin” (feminine) energy. There is great potential for strengthening your strategic skills as well as assertiveness, but only if you are willing to make some adjustments in your approach and attitude. No dramatic changes, just “tweaking” things here and there. It’s also another great day for insights and breakthroughs, so pay attention to your intuition and make note of any “flashes of inspiration”.


Wishing all of you an empowering and healing week ahead!

Many blessings,