This year the Winter Solstice occurs in Hong Kong on December 22nd, although in other areas of the world it occurs on the 21st, so it’s a good idea to confirm the exact date depending on where you live.  The energy is very powerful on this day of the Winter Solstice (the Summer Solstice for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere), so it’s a great idea to set aside time for some special meditation, or even a group activity… whatever you do, be conscious of this energy so that you may fully make the most of it!

winter solstice 2

Winter Solstice has been celebrated in cultures the world over for thousands of years as a celebration of Light and the rebirth of the Sun.  The extended hours of darkness experienced over the Winter Solstice marks a time of going within, in order to renew ourselves in preparation for the birth to come.   For those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere, you will experience the Summer Solstice, but it is still a great opportunity to celebrate transition and positive change.

The energy today is VERY helpful for meditation and insight, and the intuition is very strong.  Use this day to contemplate upon the past year, and ask yourself the following questions:


When were the times when I was most out-of-balance?

When did I feel that nothing was going right? (Write these down, and see what fears resulted in your refusal to change, even though you were being ‘pushed’ to do so)

What patterns have I been pushed to change?

Have I been creating strategies in order to focus my energy and purpose?

Am I living in harmony with my higher purpose?

Which personal judgements do I make that limit my personal and spiritual growth?

What are my greatest fears, and how have they been challenged this year?


With these answers, you can do the following:


CREATE A MOMENT OF RE-BIRTH!  You can use the answers to the above questions to help you create clear and solid goals and strategies.  The energy of the Winter Solstice equates to huge potential for change, release and growth!


You can also do a ‘ritual’ to release the negative energy, fears, etc. by burning the paper upon which you have written your answers to the above questions.  Write down everything as clearly as possible; really express your inner-self.  Then, sitting quietly and comfortably, breathe deeply and evenly.  Begin reading from your list, preferably aloud:  say “I completely and joyfully release…..” and then read your answers.  For example, “I completely and joyfully release the fear I feel when things aren’t going my way”.  Or, “I completely and joyfully release the anger I express whenever I feel my ego being challenged” etc….

When you are done, it is time to burn the paper.  Have a fire-safe dish (a steel cooking pot etc.) ready.  Set the paper alight, and place it in the fire-safe container… as it burns, strongly intend or feel that all of your fears, issues etc., are also being burned and purified.  Feel the sense of release, and of the sense of re-birth… NOW is the time for a new start!

If you prefer, you can create an object that represents your fears, issues etc., and then burn it instead of the paper.

You are strongly recommended to meditate today, ideally outdoors.  These meditations can be done any time, but the energy of the Winter Solstice will be ‘peaking’ at night.  The following are two meditations that will allow you to tap into the incredible energies of today.


Meditation 1

Sit quietly and close your eyes. If you are a Reiki (or other energies) practitioner, place the hands on the body, resting lightly on the knees, or placed over the heart chakra. Breathe deeply and evenly, focusing attention on the breath and quieting the mind.

When you feel calm and centred, begin to imagine your breath as a radiant white light. Imagine/intend that this light is coming directly from the Divine source, filling you and energising every cell of your body with every breath. Be aware of being filled with vitality, strength, joy and love. With every breath, this feeling intensifies…

Feel your heart chakra glowing and growing…expanding infinitely…filled with love.

Feel how we are all ONE, how your love connects you with every living thing. Feel your energy expanding so that you are filled with love for all…feel your connection with the Earth. Continue breathing deeply and evenly.

Imagine that this brilliant light which fills you is expanding throughout the world, and beyond. Feel your connection with the universe, with the Divine!

Give yourself permission to expand! Give yourself permission to raise your vibration, be aware of the higher energies.

When you are feeling this connection, this one-ness, just “be”. Take as much time as you like to enjoy this experience, this feeling.


Meditation 2

Begin by sitting quietly, breathing deeply and evenly, feeling yourself relax with every breath (for energy-workers, place the hands over the heart chakra, or on the abdomen). For this meditation, your intention is important, so be clear about what it is you would like to do. State your intention clearly in your head. Examples could be: “I now open myself to receive the energies of the Solstice”, or “I now open myself to receive the energies that raise my energetic vibration” etc., or whatever feels right for you! After stating your intention, imagine that with every in-breath, a white light enters the top of your head (your Crown chakra), and travels down to your Heart chakra (in the centre of your chest). When you exhale, simply allow the breath to leave your body. Remember, this white light is the energy that you called in with your intent.

Continue to breathe in the white light to your Heart chakra, seeing it glowing and growing with a brilliant light. When you feel that your Heart chakra is completely filled with this white light, intend/visualise that with every in-breath you continue to breath the white light into your Heart, and with every out-breath, your Heart chakra expands… this ball of white light continues to grow, encompassing your entire body…. continue to breath in, and then expand this light. You can enjoy this state of being, or, if you like, you can expand this light further… to encompass all around you.

Remain in this state for as long you like… but take your time with this one, it’s very special!


There will be many group meditations taking place world-wide tomorrow, so there may be something going on your neighbourhood. It’s worthwhile checking these out, or you can get together with your friends for a special meditation, or you can just do your own thing.

There are many who feel that tomorrow is not only a day for celebrating the Winter Solstice, and the energies it brings…it is also significant because it presents a special opportunity for all of humankind to raise their energetic vibration, if they choose to tap into this energy.

If you would like to join one of the worldwide meditations, I suggest that you go online and do a search for “winter solstice meditations”…this way you can also get an idea of when these meditations are taking place, so that no matter where you live you will be able to synchronise your meditation with these groups.

During these times of accelerating energy and awareness, we either take action or stagnate. Remember that chaos is always part of new creation, so when it’s time to change, sometimes we just need to take a deep breath… trust… and go for it! The changing/re-organisation of energy fields creates incredibly unexpected new things in your life. So embrace the changes, go with it, consciously let go of the “old”.

At this time, I urge you to review all of the spiritual tools that you’ve already gathered, feel solid in your spiritual practises, and USE these tools.  Remember to sit in meditation and accept this joyful energy…. and enjoy!


Many blessings,